Deep Flavor & Aroma Freeze Dried Instant Coffee


Premium Freeze Dried Instant Coffee! All natural, 100% AFCASOLE, Instant freeze dried coffee. Only coffee and water are used during production process. The freeze dried process conserves the best quality components of the solid solvents. It is a soft scented coffee, highly balanced. It has the attributes of an excellent instant coffee.

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Our Premium Freeze Dried Instant Coffee is processed with 100% arabica coffee beans.

Blended, roasted, and ground to our precise specifications. The Freeze Dried instant coffee is made of the first pass extraction process also known as “AFCASOLE” preserving superior quality and aroma.

Great for preparation of your daily coffee as well as baking coffee ingredient.
Freeze dried coffee is commonly known as the “high-end” instant coffee. It is made using highest quality coffee beans.

Advantages of using instant coffee:
  1. All Natural – No, preservatives, only coffee and purified water
  2. No Filters – There are no filters or messy grounds to contend with.
  3. No waste – There is never any wasted product.
  4. Save time – Using our Freeze Dried Coffee as an ingredient allows to save labour, storage space and production time.
  5. Total Consistency.
  6. Instant Delivery.
  7. Saves space.

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