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Flavored coffee sample set. For your convenience we have prepared a set of 6 2oz bags with 6 different flavored of our coffee.

The set includes the following flavors:

  • Rum (Jamaica me crazy)
  • Vanilla
  • Coconut
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Hazelnut

Packed in cute 2oz bags, just enough to make 5 6oz cups of coffee.

This is the same high grown Uganda arabica Mt. Elgon SANYU infused with great flavors. While other coffee manufacturers use medium to low quality coffee for their flavored products we do not lower a bar. We use the top quality beans to give you great coffee flavor infused with great various flavors.

We have gone through a number of products to curate this list of 10 best coffee flavor products that are currently available. Since there are so many options, we’ve tried to come up with something for everyone.

Keeping in mind that taste is subjective, we have tried to give you the potential cons as well.

Just so you can be hundred percent sure about what you should be expecting. If you adore all things coffee and you’re seeking even more novelty outside those standard coffee flavors, or you have a taste for adventure and love trying new flavors, we invite you to discover our innovative flavored coffees. Our whole bean and ground blends have been infused with premium flavors. These crafted selections come in a variety of wacky tastes, and each bag is filled to the brim with beans that are sustainably sourced, lovingly roasted and raring to brew.

We believe the only thing better than these mouth-watering bites is, well, coffee.

After all, coffee is our first love. We don’t want to be just another boring French vanilla coffee sitting on the shelf. So, our creative spirit spurred us to explore new grounds and lead the pack in innovative flavored coffees.

Give it a try today, buy our flavored coffee sample set and taste the difference!

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