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Cayman.Cafe offers a superb quality of a Fair Trade arabica coffee roasted to order.

We often get asked, what is SANYU? The simple answer is – be Sanyu!

Let us however explain the true meaning of Sanyu. Here is the story of Sanyu.

Sanyu Origins

The word ‘Sanyu’ means ‘happy and joyful’ in our farmer’s local language. We here at Sanyu believe our exceptional coffee will make you feel the same! 

Sanyu coffee hails from the mountains bordering Mount Elgon, between Kenya and Uganda. It is grown by local farmers in humble conditions: there are no large farms. Everything is family produced and home grown; each farmer has their own garden where they grow coffee as small holders. The remoteness of the region makes this coffee, and our farmers, that extra bit special as access is limited and requires steep climbs on foot across dense forests to get to each household and get the cup to your table.

The farmers that produce your coffee include young families, women, widows, the elderly and young people that have taken on their parents’ farms. Our neighbors include the beautiful Sipi Falls, only found a couple of hours away. A popular tourist attraction, the area spoils the eye with waterfalls and views of East African plains.

Sanyu Coffee

The altitude and environment our coffee enjoys is one of the reasons for its distinctive flavor. With an aroma reminiscent of fine wines, and a unique, warm and full taste, Sanyu Coffee brings with it an impressive cupping score that is a direct result of the vast experience our farmers have in delivering you the most unique tasting Arabica in Uganda.

We have a Sanyu Coffee Co-operative which is based on a mutually beneficial arrangement and pricing structure with our members, on the proviso that the exceptional quality of their product commands a higher premium, which then is reinvested into our members and their communities fairly.

Sanyu Vision

Our vision is to deliver you high quality Arabica coffee grown across the Eastern African mountains: while also making it a viable sustainable business to our farmers. Rather than go big, we want to take extra care of our farmers and make sure that we are giving back to the community. After all, the happier the farmers, the better our coffee! Due to the poverty levels and low education rates in our area, we know that with the coffee sales, we can help the community will flourish.

We will establish cooperation between farmers, and we are looking to provide workshops with them. These workshops will tackle domestic abuse which is unfortunately high across the country. They will also tackle gender roles and household roles, alcoholism, HIV prevention, health and the importance of education. We also want to train our farmers in basic finances for them to improve their livelihoods, and we would also like to bring expert coffee farmers to give them growth tips and better ways to support their businesses. 

This isn’t a project just about sales and profit: this is a project about community, development and hope. It just happens that our coffee is also delicious! 

Enjoy great Fair Trade arabica coffee! Click at the links below to goto our online shop.

Roasted to order Sanyu Coffee.

Flavored SANYU Coffee.

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